First story:

We had this guy who used to go to the sea and pet the dolphins.

He will go to the restaurants to pick up food that is wasted during lunch and take it to the beach. The dolphins will come in and he will pet them for a while.

There were rumors that he fell in love with one of them and some people claim they have seen more intimate relationship. He was so regular, it was not entirely misplaced.

Second story:

There were these two pepop[le who were regularly seen in the park benches. Pretty much all the time. They will go and make love with the trees.

Third story:

During summars. I was doing it with Oracle. Our plan was to set up a citizen contact center. As part of it, we had to go and do some field data collection.

Then this guy rings up his son and tell him “budbak pdhai karlo, nahi to bada hoek in logo ke jaise bhatakte rahoge.”

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