The people in our town were a little too reptilian. Because there were a lot alligators. And at some point they told us they were endangered so we had to take care of them. So people started feeding them. There wers ome temples built and legends were floating around.

Then they came up with a rule that dont feed the alligators blah blah blah. They were just fukcking with our head. And once the alligator pulled away the kitten for some of our neighbors. That was a big rumor, may be the alligators were not as good as we thought they were.

They will eat anything they can put their teeth on. It was pretty crazy.

At some point we were all full of a lot of self loathing, that was because a few 10s of miles away there were tigers. They were getting all the press for all these majestic animals which used prowl; all were getting was bad press; for alligators.

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